The purpose of the mock exam is to ensure learners experience undertaking a test in real exam conditions, as a result they will overcome their apprehension and both build and grow in confidence, alongside gaining invaluable exam skills. The mock exam also entails training learners to effectively manage their time accurately, whilst working under exam conditions.

Each mock exam comprises of three tests; English (Comprehension & verbal reasoning) Mathematics and non verbal reasoning), 50 minutes each. Each test paper is split into various, individually timed sections.  


Our Mock exam will aim and ensure to follow the new CEM (Durham University) style, Redbridge exam set-up. Our CEM style mock tests have been devised through a thorough analysis of various skills assessed by a range of CEM style text publishers. The core skills assessed are: English (comprehension & verbal reasoning), Mathematics and non-verbal reasoning.

While we aim to ensure our mock tests aim to meet the assessment criterion we cannot guarantee that our questions will be those in the actual exam, our questions will target the core skills assessed in the actual exam.

The results of the mock exam will be given to parents within a week of the learner sitting the exam, this will allow parents an early insight into the child’s performance and signpost further learning, accordingly.




Here at Study Plus we take pride in tailoring a service that will enable young learners to grasp the basic skills behind the core 11+ testing elements. We use a range of in-house resources to enable learners to maximise their understanding and promote educational growth.

All English sessions will incorporate high level comprehension tasks, to ensure learners gain the ability to both read and comprehend 18th Century literature. Spellings test are carried out at the end of each lesson, from a list all learners are given to revise from, a week beforehand. Alongside the spelling test, learners are also quizzed on definitions they are required to research for homework, this is to ensure vocabulary building is also taking place.

All Maths sessions focus on the core topics based on the CEM or CLG exam board past papers. Learners are taught topics to a high level (KS2 Level 5) and assessments in class are carried out every week, alongside a multiplication test at the end of every session.

Differentiated homework is set on a weekly basis, this is marked and sent home after each session. We encourage learners to complete all homework set, as all homework is utilised as a form of assessment to see how much information learners gained and recalled, after each session.

What does the 11+ exam involve?

Redbridge exam board CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) cites verbal (including comprehensions and Cloze passages), non-verbal and numerical reasoning as the core subjects.

Furthermore, CEM’s system assesses on core elements, such as;

  • Word Recognition
  • Word Decoding
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • General Mathematics
  • Mental Arithmetic
  • Picture Vocabulary
  • Non-verbal Ability

What is the 11+ process?

Please refer to the Redbridge website for more details and useful information.


When to register for the Redbridge 11 Plus selection test?

11 Plus registration for Ilford County High School for boys and Woodford County High School for girls starting September 2018 will open on 1 May 2017 and will close at 5pm on 30 June 2017. You can only register for the 11 Plus test between the registration opening and closing dates. It is not possible to register before or after these dates.

Date of the 11 plus selection test

Saturday 16 September 2017

How to register for the 11 Plus selection test

Before registering, please read the 2018 information guidance for parents for information about registering and what happens after registration.

2018 test information guidance for parents (PDF 28KB)