Online Tuition


During these unprecedented times, Study Plus Centre has taken the initiative to implement an online presence to support your child’s continued learning. Our qualified teachers ensure your child receives the tuition they require, in their weakest areas. Our online teachers use precisely the same resources and teaching methodology you would expect from our centres on site. Your child would have the opportunity to see, hear and interact with their teachers, the only different being its delivery online, live and from the comfort of your own home- which cuts out travel time! 


Register your details online or give us a quick call and one of our advisers would help you through the entire process. then, your child simply logs in from home an connects with his group alongside the teacher, or the teacher alone- in a 1:1 setting. STUDY PLUS CENTRE ONLINE- is not an alternative to our conventional teaching at the centre, this has only been implemented due to the schools and centres closures, and thereafter to enact SOCIAL DISTANCING. Our online system has proven to be highly engaging, interactive and productive- our teachers know how to engage learners face to face, as well as online! 
Our teachers use a range of tools to keep the sessions interactive, some like to teach from a whiteboard from home and conversation. While, others use specific tools created for online learning such as the interactive white board and message board to make it feel just like a face to face session. It’s so convenient and all you need is a computer, webcam, head set and a reliable internet connection. 
Your child would never be left alone- They will be in a live session being tutored by a qualified teacher. 


A computer/laptop/tablet
A webcam 
An internet connection
A headset/ built-in speaker