GCSE reform (what’s happening and when?)

England and Wales are seeing a new style of GCSEs emerging. September 2015, the changes in English (Language and Literature) and Maths were implemented. These reformed exams will first take place in summer 2017.

The implementation of the new style GCSE will also be seen across other subject ares to, for a detailed guide of all changes visit;


What’s changing?

A majority of examinations will take place at the end of the two-year course instead of on completion of modules. The content of courses would be heavily essay based rather than in ‘bite-sized’ questions, thus resulting in being more challenging, with more substantial texts in English literature and new topics introduced in maths. Coursework and controlled assessments will be removed from most subjects, apart from practical courses, such as, Arts. Most importantly, everyone will have to do at least two GCSEs in Science, there will no longer be a single Science option after 2016.

GCSE Grading

Grades will be subjected to a 9-1 scale, grade nine being roughly equivalent to a top A* grade and a grade four equivalent to a low to mid grade C.


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