Tutoring sessions take place outside of school hours, typically after school and weekends. (See opening hours for more details) All our staff are fully qualified teachers and work in small groups, 4 students maximum per teacher, to ensure learning for each student is at its best. We use our own in-house workbooks, which are based on learners’ abilities. These are in-line with the national curriculum.

Here at Study Plus Centre our focus is on supplementing both numeracy and literacy skills. Our sessions aid your child’s intellectual development alongside a range of school entrance exams.

Progress reports:

After each session teachers make a note of each learner’s progress, the work they covered throughout the session, how they managed to grasp an understand of the topic they studied and homework set for next session. These are carried out throughout the course of the learners’ time with us.

For learners that have been with Study Plus for an entire term, we send out progress letters and are happy to meet with parents to discuss progress or any causes for concern.

We take pride in working closely with parents, discussing progress or any concerns, in order to ensure our learners achieve the best learning experience possible and are motivated at both the Centre and at home, to excel in their studies.