An exceptional media response essay must include a clear and concise introduction to the topic. The writer should explain the issue or topic at hand and why it is important, citing various sources of media in the process. Furthermore, the body of the essay should contain a thorough analysis of how the particular media has influenced people, or a particular point of view, while weaving in the writer's personal opinion.

To make a response essay truly exceptional, there must be both factual research and critical thinking. The writer should examine the various angles of the media, such as intended purpose and actual outcome, potential benefits and risks, socio-cultural influences and potential implications. This will give the writer an understanding of both the pros and cons associated with the media, and assist in forming an educated opinion on the matter.

The conclusion to an exceptional media response essay should provide a wrap up of the analysis and offer a meaningful takeaway. This can be in form of a personal thought, an impactful quote or a call to action. The conclusion should also leave readers with something to think about, or a new perspective that was not previously considered.

Writing an exceptional media response essay can be difficult but can be achieved with proper research, critical thinking and creativity. It is important for writers to remember that such an essay should not be one-sided and instead balanced with factual research and personal opinion. With these steps, it is possible to write an truly exceptional media response essay that stands out from the rest.