Choosing to pursue a college degree is a big decision. It can have a significant impact on the rest of your life and career. When I was selecting my college major, I chose carefully and thoughtfully. After all, I wanted to pick something that I could be passionate about and that could provide me with a meaningful career. My decision came down to one major: business administration.

For me, there were several reasons why this was the right choice. First of all, I had a personal interest in business and entrepreneurship. I had some experience from my job in retail, and I was passionate about understanding how great businesses worked. I was drawn to the idea of taking the principles of marketing, finance, and management to create a successful business model.

Another factor in my decision was the potential for job opportunities. Business administration is a popular and well-respected major with no shortage of career paths. From sales, to finance, to human resources, there are many career options available for someone with a business degree. I knew that I could use my major to gain meaningful work in many different areas of business.

Finally, it was the flexibility that attracted me to business administration. My major allows me to focus on one field in particular or learn more about a wide variety of topics. This gave me the option to remain focused on what I am passionate about or explore more diverse interests as my career progresses.

In the end, I decided to pursue a degree in business administration because of my interest in entrepreneurship, the potential for job opportunities, and the flexibility it provides. My major gives me the opportunity to pursue a career path that is meaningful and rewarding.