A commentary essay is an essay that is used to analyze and interpret a given piece of writing. It is usually written as a response to a certain piece of literature, film, or artwork. The commentary essay is not only meant to analyze the subject matter, but also to reflect on the deeper meaning behind it.

In a commentary essay, the writer must first identify the main theme or concept of the piece of writing. This should be done in a succinct and straightforward manner, without offering personal opinions. The writer must then provide evidence for their interpretation of the theme. This evidence can be in the form of quotes from the text, as well as references from other relevant sources.

Once the writer has identified and analyzed the main theme, they must then explain its significance. This should be done in a clear and concise way. The writer should explain why this theme is important, and how it relates to the broader context of the essay. They should also provide examples of how the theme is relevant to their own life and experiences.

Finally, the writer should provide their own opinion on the piece. This should be done in an objective manner, without making definitive statements about the theme or its importance. The writer should provide thoughtful reflections on the material, and explain how it resonates with them.

Overall, a commentary essay requires the writer to think critically about the material and provide unique insight into its meaning. It is an effective way to analyze and interpret a piece of writing, while also providing an opportunity for the writer to express their own opinion.