Writing a conclusion sentence for essays can be daunting, especially since the conclusion is the last thing your reader will read. However, with the right approach, you can craft a compelling conclusion that will leave your audience with a lasting impression of your essay. Here are some great conclusion sentence examples for essays that you can use to craft your own unique and powerful conclusion.

One way to make your conclusion more powerful is to tie it back to the introduction. Doing this will help your reader to make a connection between the first and last sentences of your essay. For example, if your introduction discussed the impact of global warming, you could mention it again in your conclusion sentence and emphasize how understanding the consequences of inaction can help us take steps to preserve our planet.

Another effective conclusion sentence example for essays is to use a quote or proverb to emphasize your point. This not only reinforces the main point of your essay but can also help add a bit of emotion or humor to it. For instance, if your essay is about the importance of seeing the positive side of life, you could use a quote from Winston Churchill: Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Finally, you can also use a call to action in your conclusion sentence. Not only does this demonstrate your commitment to a cause or topic, it encourages your reader to take action. For example, if your essay was about the need for more funding for public schools, you could end with something like Lets make sure public schools have the resources they need to give all students an opportunity to succeed in life.

In conclusion, writing a compelling conclusion sentence for essays can be a challenge, but with some creativity and practice, you can come up with an effective one that resonates with your readers. Whether you choose to tie it back to the introduction, quote a proverb, or make a call to action, you can be sure that your conclusion sentence will leave a lasting impression on your readers.