An example of a critical analysis essay is one that takes a piece of literature, film, or artwork and breaks it down to evaluate its components, discuss the purpose of the piece, and determine its possible effects on an audience. These essays are often lengthy and require extensive research and analysis to create an informed argument. To illustrate, a critical analysis essay of a book may investigate the tone, characters, and plot of the story. The writer would break down the book into its essential elements and explain how each contributes to the theme of the story. In addition, the essay may discuss how the book affects the reader and how it speaks to larger issues in society or literature.

Critical analysis essays can also be used to explore artwork. For example, a critical analysis essay of a painting could discuss the style, colors, and techniques used by the artist to convey a particular meaning or message. The essay could also investigate the techniques and elements used in the artwork to evoke a certain emotional response from the viewer. The essay would examine whether the artist was successful in conveying their message, as well as discuss any possible interpretations by the audience.

In addition to examining the elements of literature or artwork, a critical analysis essay may also evaluate a particular viewpoint or perspective. For example, if an article is written from a certain political viewpoint, an essay may evaluate whether this perspective was effective in conveying its message and if the article was successful in persuading its readers. The essay might also investigate any biases within the article and discuss how they could have affected its overall argument.

Overall, a critical analysis essay is an academic piece of writing in which the writer takes an in-depth look at an artwork or literary piece and evaluates its components. The essay should include an explanation of the elements used and how they contribute to the overall theme or meaning of the work. Additionally, the essay should discuss how the piece affects its audience and if it speaks to any larger issues in society.