When writing an essay, it is important to know how to properly end a paragraph. To end a paragraph in an essay, the writer must make a clear transition or connection between the ideas discussed in the paragraph and the rest of the essay. For example, if the paragraph was discussing the benefits of exercise, then the following sentence could be used to transition into the next paragraph: With the numerous benefits of exercise, it is clear that physical activity should be incorporated into everyones daily routine. This creates a clear link between the two points and allows the essay to flow more smoothly.

In addition to making a clear transition, the last sentence of a paragraph should also be a strong statement. This will make a lasting impression on the reader and leave them with an understanding of the main idea being discussed. Every sentence should build upon previous ideas, so the last sentence should provide a summation of all the information that was discussed. The final sentence should also be concise and easy to understand.

Finally, the conclusion of a paragraph should provide a sense of closure. The writer should make it clear to the reader that their thoughts have been fully explored. This can be done by using words such as consequently, therefore, or as a result to indicate that a conclusion has been reached. The final sentence of a paragraph should also leave the reader with something to think about.

Knowing how to effectively end a paragraph in an essay is an important skill for any writer to possess. By making sure to include strong transitions and strong concluding statements, writers can ensure that their paragraphs are well-structured and leave readers with an understanding of their ideas.