Illegal immigration is a hot button issue in todays society and an illegal immigration essay can be an interesting topic to discuss. Most people have an opinion about whether illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States, and this essay can explore both sides of the argument. It can also provide facts and figures, as well as examine why illegal immigration is happening in the first place.

To start, its important to explain why illegal immigration has become such a hot topic. People believe that illegal immigrants take jobs away from United States citizens, increase crime rates, and take advantage of the welfare system. This essay can discuss the truth behind these claims by presenting evidence from both sides of the argument. Additionally, it can look at the other side, which is that illegal immigrants often provide a necessary labor force for businesses who cannot find enough qualified citizens to fill their positions. It can also look at how illegal immigrants pay taxes and contribute to the economy in other ways.

The essay can then look at the issue of illegal immigration from a moral perspective. This would include examining how our laws are concerning immigration, as well as discussing what kind of policies should be adopted to make sure that all people are treated fairly regardless of their legal status. Additionally, it can look at how current policies may be making it harder for legal immigrants to come to the United States and how that affects our economy and job market.

Finally, the essay can end with recommendations on how to best address this issue. This could include ideas on how to create a more secure border, how to better enforce current laws, and how to ensure that all immigrants are provided with fair opportunities and rights. By taking an objective stance on this issue, the essay can provide a balanced perspective that allows readers to draw their own conclusions on whether illegal immigration should be allowed in the United States.