A problem solution essay is an essay type that focuses on presenting a problem and proposing one or more solutions to it. This type of essay is often used in social sciences and humanities courses. It requires the writer to identify a problem, analyze it, suggest solutions, and explain why those solutions will be effective. The purpose of this type of essay is to consider both sides of a problem and to address potential solutions.

When writing a problem solution essay, the writer should first identify the problem and then explain why it is important to solve. This is usually done through research and analysis. The writer should also provide evidence of the problem, such as statistics, quotes from experts, or examples. After outlining the problem, the writer should present at least two potential solutions and provide reasons why those solutions are valid.

The writer should then explain the pros and cons of each solution, demonstrating that they understand both sides of the issue. They should also provide any potential drawbacks or risks associated with each solution so that readers can make an informed decision. This may include discussing the cost of each solution, the legal implications, and any potential ethical issues.

Once the pros and cons have been addressed, the writer should provide a conclusion that ties their argument together by summarizing the main points and proposing which solution they think is best and why. In some cases, they may also propose a combination of solutions or suggest further research is needed on the topic. Ultimately, the goal of a problem solution essay is to provide the reader with an in-depth understanding of an issue and provide possible solutions for it.