In order to apply to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, prospective students must answer several supplemental essays. These essays provide an opportunity for applicants to explain why they want to attend UNC and how they will contribute to the university community. By answering these questions, applicants are able to show admissions officers why they are a great fit for UNC.

The first essay prompt generally asks applicants to explain why they want to attend the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. This is an opportunity for students to discuss their academic and personal goals and how attending UNC will help them reach those goals. Students should talk about what specific programs and resources at UNC excite them and how they can use these resources to enhance their educational experience.

The second essay prompt asks students to share how they would contribute to the UNC community. This essay gives students the chance to highlight their unique skills, such as leadership, creativity or a commitment to service. Applicants should talk about what unique perspectives and experiences they have that could benefit the UNC community.

The third essay prompt usually asks applicants to reflect on a time when they faced a challenge or failure. This essay provides the opportunity to demonstrate how applicants have learned and grown from their experiences. Applicants should talk about their response to the challenge, what they learned, and how they plan to use this experience in the future.

Finally, the fourth essay prompt asks students to discuss a creative work that has influenced their development as a person. This could be a book, movie, artwork, or anything else that had an impact on the applicants life. Applicants should discuss why this creative work is meaningful to them and how it has shaped their development as a person.

By answering these supplemental essays, applicants demonstrate their interest in attending UNC and showcase the unique qualities and experiences that make them a great fit for the university.