A five paragraph essay graphic organizer is a great tool for organizing thoughts and ideas prior to beginning to write an essay. The graphic organizer is a visual representation of the structure of the essay and will help the writer organize and structure an argument, a narrative or an explanatory essay. It can also be used to organize facts and research results, helping the writer efficiently present their information.

The five paragraph essay graphic organizer includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In the introduction, the writer must provide the overall topic of the essay, as well as provide a thesis statement that outlines the main point of the essay. Each body paragraph should include a topic sentence that must support the thesis statement, followed by evidence and concrete examples that back up the topic sentence. The conclusion should wrap up the argument presented in the body paragraphs and tie it up with a strong conclusion.

Using a five paragraph essay graphic organizer can be a great way to ensure that all aspects of an essay are covered. When used in combination with brainstorming and pre-writing techniques, it can provide an excellent foundation for writing a well-structured essay. It also helps to ensure that all points are covered clearly and succinctly and that the essay stays on track.

The five paragraph essay graphic organizer is an invaluable tool for quickly and easily organizing ideas, facts, and research results. By using this visual representation of the essay structure, the writer can ensure that their essay is organized and structured in a logical order. It helps to ensure that the essay is concise, clear and that each point is backed up by solid evidence. Using this type of graphic organizer can help to make writing an essay much easier and more enjoyable.