A lyric essay is a type of creative nonfiction in which the writer creates a lyrical exploration of a subject. Unlike traditional essays, which may be highly structured and follow a logical order, the lyric essay uses a poetic approach to delve into a personal subject matter. The essay may contain elements of memoir, reflection, and narrative, as well as imagery and sensory detail.

The lyric essay is often used to evoke emotion and explore complex topics by taking a more intimate approach. It can be written from the point of view of the writer or another person, allowing for a more interpretive approach. While traditional essays require a thesis statement to provide a structure for the essay, the lyric essay may use thematic elements such as repetition or opposing ideas to create a sense of cohesion. It also can include fragment sentences and other creative writing elements to create an overall cadence and mood.

The lyric essay is a unique way to explore personal experiences in an expressive way. It can be used to write about love, loss, grief, relationships, nature, and anything else that has had an impact on the writers life. By using creative writing elements such as imagery, metaphor, and symbolism, the lyric essay can be used to express deep thoughts and feelings in an artful and unique way.