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What mode of transport do you think Viola has just been travelling on?

Where does Viola think her brother is?

Does the captain think Viola’s brother is alive?

Why did Viola give the captain money?

In which country was the captain born?

Explain the phrase ‘’twas fresh in murmur’.

What does Viola ask the captain to do for her and why?

Why does the captain say ‘When my tongue blabs, then let mine eyes not see’?

Write three sentences using the active voice and three using the passive voice.

Rewrite the passage, separating the words correctly, starting new lines where needed and adding the missing capital letters and punctuation.

ourfriendstoodstillforamomentandthrowinghisheadbackalittledoyouknowwhythis worldisasbadasitisnosaidtheotherthenilltellyouitisbecausepeoplethinkonlyaboutth eirownbusinessandwonttroublethemselvestostandupfortheoppressednorbring thewrongdoertolightineverseeawickedthinglikethiswithoutdoingwhaticanand manyamasterhasthankedmeforlettinghimknowhowhishorseshavebeenusediwisht hereweremoregentlemenlikeyousir ...

Expand each of these sentences to make them much more interesting.
  1. Christmas is fun.
  2. Motorbikes can be dangerous.
  3. Chris was worried about his Mum.
  4. Samir had forgotten his homework.

Write down the two synonyms on each line.

  1. accurate      mark      accept      exact      start
  2. control      commence      Continue      cheap      begin
  3. often      once      seldom       odd      rarely
  4. trade      Commence      shop       cost      Customer 
  5. older      order      Previous     stater      former
  6. fight      dare      win      Challenge      cheat


Think about a decision you, or someone close to you, has made that has changed your life or the lives of other people.

Explain what the decision was and the changes it brought about.



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