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There were 325 pies at the banquet. If one dish holds 30 pies, how many dishes do you need to hold all the pies?

A bag holds 47 sweets. How many children can have 4 sweets each?

A bottle of olive oil holds 250 ml. A larger bottle holds two-and-a-half times as

much. What is its capacity?

Bridgetown, Barbados is 4 hours behind GMT. If a plane leaves London at 06:00 GMT, write the local time it lands in Bridgetown if the flight takes 6 hours.

Write 238 grams in kilograms.

Write 27 millilitres in litres.

Write 327 centimetres in kilometres.

How many milligrams in a kilogram

Simplify the expression y x y x y

Multiply 7.05 by one thousand

45% of a number is 21. What is 90% of the number?



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