An 'I Believe' essay is a personal essay that allows the writer to express her thoughts, feelings and personal beliefs. This type of essay is an opportunity for the writer to share her convictions about a particular subject and hopefully, to encourage others to consider her beliefs in their lives.

When writing an 'I Believe' essay, the writer should reflect on her values and convictions. She should consider what she truly believes, why she believes it and how these beliefs have shaped her life. The writer should pay attention to the language she uses, as strong, confident and positive statements will add credibility to her paper.

The introduction of an 'I Believe' essay should be attention-grabbing and provide an overview of the beliefs that will be discussed in the paper. This can be done with a powerful opening statement, a personal story or an anecdote. The body of the essay should provide supporting evidence and examples of how the beliefs have been practiced or have impacted the writers life.

The conclusion of an 'I Believe' essay should be a summary of the main points discussed in the paper, as well as a call to action for readers to consider the writers beliefs in their own lives. It should also leave the reader with something to ponder and reflect on.

Overall, writing an 'I Believe' essay provides a great opportunity for the writer to express her thoughts, feelings and beliefs while also inspiring others to think more deeply about their own values and convictions.