The purpose of the mock exam is to ensure learners experience undertaking a test in real exam conditions, as a result they will overcome their apprehension and both build and grow in confidence, alongside gaining invaluable exam skills. The mock exam also entails training learners to effectively manage their time accurately, whilst working under exam conditions.

Each mock exam comprises of three tests; English (Comprehension & verbal reasoning) Mathematics and non verbal reasoning), 50 minutes each. Each test paper is split into various, individually timed sections.  


Our Mock exam will aim and ensure to follow the new CEM (Durham University) style, Redbridge exam set-up. Our CEM style mock tests have been devised through a thorough analysis of various skills assessed by a range of CEM style text publishers. The core skills assessed are: English (comprehension & verbal reasoning), Mathematics and non-verbal reasoning.

While we aim to ensure our mock tests aim to meet the assessment criterion we cannot guarantee that our questions will be those in the actual exam, our questions will target the core skills assessed in the actual exam.

The results of the mock exam will be given to parents within a week of the learner sitting the exam, this will allow parents an early insight into the child’s performance and signpost further learning, accordingly.