What to expect from Study Plus centre?

Our aim is to enhance and stimulate learning among the age groups 7-18. We encourage learners to develop both socially and personally as individuals. We inspire our learners to strive towards long-term consequential goals and support them in deciphering difficulties they encounter, so that they gain amplified autonomy.

Study Plus Centre aims to ensure your child benefits from both the teaching style and the exclusive teaching materials used at the centre. As you may not be aware, Study Plus Centre workbooks have been carefully designed to improve your child’s education, in line with the national curriculum.

Study Plus Centre will not use worksheets printed from the internet, as our main source of materials are Study Plus Centre’s workbooks, these will ensure your child’s potential is being maximised, at every level.

Our tutors will ensure your child’s workbook is marked after every session and a brief report will be written at the back of the book. Detailed reports will be issued at the end of each term, for each child.

Your child’s tutor will be available at the beginning or at the end of every session, for you to briefly discuss any matters of concern.

We hope to provide you with a service you are pleased with.