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Rugile Liubsyte
Rugile Liubsyte
12:21 25 Feb 20
The staff members at Study Plus Centre are incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about the subjects they teach, which... is reflected in the sessions. They break down information in a simple and accessible way, whilst also keeping tuition appropriately challenging. As well as, advising students on what areas to improve on between each session. The sessions cover content which students struggle with as well as focus on exam techniques and practise; from time management skills to making sure the criterias for exams style questions are being met, AO1, AO2 AO3 ECT. The staff members encourage and emphasis the importance of students delving deeper than core textbooks and materials to help us gain the higher marks. I had been a student at the Study Plus Centre from year 10, they helped me gained confidence in my abilities, pushed me out of my comfort zone. When I initially joined I had only one hope that, they could help me get into any Sixth Form. However, the Study Plus Centre helped me to do that and more, I got a place in the Sixth Form of my choice. I continued to go to the Study Plus Centre whilst at Sixth Form as well, and with their help and guidance passed my A-level exams. I am now in my first year of Psychology with placement undergraduate degree.For this I would like to say a big THANK YOU! I would not hesitate to recommend this tuition place to any parent looking for professional and experienced tutors! :Dread more
13:08 08 Feb 20
This is an absolutely fun place to learn! The tutors here are great and they make sure you understand the topic to the... best of your ability. They also make the lessons really relatable so that the lessons aren’t more
Arisha Munir
Arisha Munir
19:23 09 Jan 20
All staff in the Study Plus Centre are kind and very friendly. They are all very helpful and teach really... more
Naureen Ismail
Naureen Ismail
10:23 21 Oct 19
The entire team at Study Plus tuition centre are extremely professional and highly qualified. My daughter started her... tuition just under a year ago, attending a 2 hour Saturday session. Since commencing tuition we have seen a dramatic improvement with both her comprehension and maths. In addition to this she has become more confident overall and she feels very comfortable with her key tutor and the environment. Highly more
Shatta Bhowmick
Shatta Bhowmick
21:46 20 Oct 19
Each member in study Plus Centre is extremely kind and generous. They create a very welcoming atmosphere for students... and I believe this is the main reason that makes them stand out from other tuitions. They are able to create a special bond with students that enables them to freely share any problems. For example, related to school and give the best advices in return. Personally, being with them for 3 years now, they have helped a lot with my confidence level. Their teaching is amazing as they will try to identify where you struggle the most and try to improve quickly. I’m grateful for finding this tuition at the right time as they are the reason for the grades I achieved in my GCSE’s. I recommend this tuition to everyone. :)read more
Anita Kaur
Anita Kaur
17:41 07 Oct 19
My daughter has been attending Study Plus for a year now. It has tremendously helped her especially as she is in year 9... now. Her confidence with maths and English has really improved- she recently got 100% in her maths assessment which we were thrilled about. Staff are lovely and respectful I would highly recommend Study Plus to more
Rezwana Islam
Rezwana Islam
18:17 25 Sep 19
My experience at Study Plus was very positive, all the tutors were friendly and easy to talk to. They gave me all the... resources I needed, to make sure I did well in my exams and were flexible with their teaching style!! I am very thankful to all the tutors and Kiran for their help and would recommend the centre to all more
khalida Ahmed
khalida Ahmed
19:23 24 Sep 19
I came to this place purely by chance as it is very close to where I live. I found the staff very professional and very... helpful to me and my son. I was so impressed by them that I have now enrolled my younger two sons aswel. My son who is in year 9 has told me how each tuition lesson helps him with his school lessons as they correlate with them. I feel my children are happy to go to tuition and I have noticed a distinct difference in their approach to studying. I would highly recommend this place to other prospective parents and students more
16:40 02 Nov 18
Study plus centre provided me with an all round unique learning experience. At GCSE specifically maths, the tutors... provided me with dedicated support, analysing my strengths and weaknesses and providing my with tailored support to tackle challenging problems and extending the difficultly of questions to which I can undertake. In English literature and language, my tutors guided with me a step by step method as to how to analyse extracts effectively and be able to craft answers which led me to achieving two 8’s. Not only did I not attain these grades but was able to mature and develop my analytical skills to a very high standard, creating a concrete foundation for my further studies. Satisfied with my results, I continued at the centre for my A Level programme, studying Chemistry, Maths and English literature. The tutors I received where unlike any other teachers I’ve previously have had, not only equipped with adept knowledge of the subject but also a passion for them, which has increased my productivity and enthusiasm for my subjects. All in all, Study Plus Centre has been consequential in my academic studies and I would very strongly recommend this centre to more
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