Q. What can I do if I want my child to start at one of your centres?

A. Please contact one of our centres. We can then inform you of any days and times we have available and discuss a start date. Please book an Assessment for your child, your child needs to be assessed before starting their session.

Q. Are your centre teachers qualified school teachers?

A. All of our centres teachers are qualified school and sixth form teachers

Q. Can my child just have an hour session?

A. Unfortunately not with us. Our lessons consist of 2 hours and cover both Maths and English for KS1 to KS2, for KS3. KS4 and A-Levels one subject per 2 hour session only.

Q. Does my child’s homework get marked every week?

A. All homework is marked weekly. Your child will hand in their Maths and English workbook at the beginning of the session . The teacher will then mark the homework and go over any corrections and set your child some more homework at the end of the session, in their workbooks.

Q. Is the homework compulsory?

A. It all depends on our parents preference, all children are given Maths and English homework in their centre workbooks (if given one).

Q. If my child cannot do their homework because they do not understand it will the teacher be able to explain it to them?

A. Yes. The teachers will help your child and break down any questions that they don’t understand and show them how to do all types of questions.

Q. Why do we pay a deposit when we sign up?

A. We require 2 weeks notice before your child’s last lesson. Once we know your child is leaving they do not pay for their last session fee. If notice is not given then you will lose your deposit . The deposit is non-refundable, if notice is not given.

Q. Can I pay monthly or weekly?

A. Yes we have many packages to offer, you can pay weekly as your child attends. If they are not there then you do not pay.

Q. Can I give the payment to my child weekly?

A. Yes, we collect the money and tick your child’s name off the register. payment must be made before each session.

Q. Do I still have to pay if my child is absent?

A. You only pay when your child attends a session. If your child is absent please contact the office or given numbers to rearrange or cancel your child’s session, otherwise you will be charged for the session if the centre is not informed.

Q. Are you open during school holidays and half terms?

A. We close for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year Eve and New Years Day. We are open throughout the summer holidays and half terms. Whenever we are closed we let our parents know and rearrange sessions if possible.

Q. What happens if we go on holiday for 4 weeks or more?

A. If you are going away let us know, so we can freeze your account and move your sessions forward.